When awarded a grant


Acting as secretariat for the Danish Arts Foundation, the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces will pay out any awarded grant into the bank account specified in the application.

Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces will process the payment as close as possible to the awarded project's start date, which is specified in the application by the applicant.


If you have been awarded a grant from the Danish Arts Foundation, you are obligated to submit your accounts and/or a statement of truth once the awarded project has ended, in order to document that the awarded grant has been properly spent.

When you submit your accounts and/or your statement you must do so using specific forms. What form you must use depends on how large a grant you have been awarded.

Please find the relevant form below.

The form must be downloaded, filled in, signed, scanned, and e-mailed to the relevant contact person in the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces (please see column on the right) or sent by regular post to Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces, H.C. Andersens Boulevard 2, Copenhagen DK-1553.

For grants of up to 100.000 DKK

In the case of grants of DKK 100,000 or less, no later than three months after the completion of the project the recipient is required to sign and submit Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces’ statement of truth form for grants of up to a maximum of DKK 100,000.

However, the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces can still request the drawing up and submission of project accounts, should the recipient be selected for a spot-check.

For grants over 100.000 DKK

For grants over 100,000 DKK project accounts must be submitted. Please see below for general rules and accounting forms.
Accounting form for grants of over 100.000 DK