About us

We are the Danish Arts Foundation 

We are Denmark’s largest arts foundation. We work to spread the arts to a wide audience all over Denmark, to promote Danish art internationally, and to pave the way for talented artists.

We support creative thinking and innovative ideas by funding more than 6,000 artists and art projects every year.

Through more than 60 different funding programmes, we fund the production and promotion of both visual arts, film, literature, music, performing arts, architecture, crafts, and design – and all that transcends the borders of these art forms. And as a foreign artist, you may apply for funding for your artwork or project through our international funding programmes.

Our 16 expert committees are responsible for awarding grants to both Danish and foreign art projects, based on the 12,500 applications that we receive every year from artists, institutions, schools, organisations, and companies.

In the Danish Arts Foundation, we wish to facilitate the conversation about our shared world of art, and we invite everybody to join in.

The Danish Arts Foundation

Barn kigger ind i grøn installation
Foto: Danish Arts Foundation

The Danish Arts Foundation


Grants for more than 6,000 artists and art projects every year

More than 60 different funding programmes

12,500 applications every year