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Performing arts

What we do internationally 

We work to support, promote, and raise the profile of Danish performing arts internationally by coordinating the Danish attendance and presence at international performing arts and cultural events and projects abroad.

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Funding programmes

We provide funding programmes for the independent performing arts sector and local and regional theatres in Denmark. 

We also run a number of visitors programmes for international festivals, stage directors, theatre companies, and other exponents of the performing arts in order to increase awareness of Danish performing arts. These visitors programmes are created to suit the specific interests of the individual visitor or group.

We fund the following areas:

We wish to develop and promote Danish performing arts via interaction with the international performing arts scene. We achieve this by funding:

Activities in Denmark

  • Festivals with international content
  • International guest performances
  • Networking and research (including guest participation at performances in Denmark)

Activities abroad

  • Touring activities
  • Networking and research (including participation in workshops as a speaker) with a view to international collaborations such as co-productions
  • Career development (e.g. residencies, artistically enriching travel assignments etc.)

For foreign companies wishing to collaborate with Danish partners and for Danish companies wishing to work internationally, we offer support in the form of funding, information, and help with making contacts.