Help for the Grant Portal

We are about to phase in a new Grant portal for applicants to funds in the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces and the Danish Arts Foundation.

You will see the Grant portal when you apply to one of the funds that has been selected to be included in the first group of funds for which the portal is to be used. This is stated in the information about the fund.


The Grant portal requires that you log in using NemID (Denmark's common secure login on the Internet). As a foreign applicant, you must order a login unless you have the right to have a Danish NemID. 

Order a log in

You will use the portal for:

  • Creating and submitting your application
  • Receiving letters of intent/rejections regarding grants
  • Contacting us regarding your application
  • Reporting about your grant

Help for the Grant portal:

Contact us:

If you need to contact us, then use the contact button on the grant you are interested in/applying for.