Help for the Grant Portal

The Grant Portal provides a central place for you to apply for grants, and manage all your applications and awarded grants.

You will see the Grant portal when you apply to one of the funds that has been selected to be included in the first group of funds for which the portal is to be used. This is stated in the information about the fund.


All applicants without the right to a Danish MitID (Denmark’s digital ID), as well as employees at Danish representations abroad and the Danish Cultural Institute, need a dedicated user login to the Grant Portal.

If you have not already done so, please order a login to the Grant Portal and bear in mind that it may take up to three days to process your request.

Order a log in

What you can do in the Grant Portal:

  • Submit your grant application
  • Contact us regarding your current application or awarded grant
  • Receive letters of intent/rejection regarding your application
  • Report on your grant

Help for the Grant portal:

Contact us:

If you need to contact us, then use the contact button on the grant you are interested in/applying for.