Photo: Danish Arts Foundation


What we do internationally

We work to support, promote, and raise the profile of Danish literature internationally by coordinating the Danish presence at international literary and cultural events and projects in Denmark and abroad.

This includes:

  • Organising Danish stands at the book fairs in Bologna, Frankfurt, and London.
  • Coordinating the literary part of official Danish cultural projects abroad. 
  • Visitors programmes for international translators, publishers, journalists, and promoters.

Funding programmes

The Danish Arts Foundation's Committee for Literature runs a number of international funding programmes. These funding programmes are intended for publishers, translators, foreign institutions and authors seeking funding for trips or translation of work in connection with specific literary projects.

We fund the following areas:

  • Grants for publishers to cover translation fees. 
  • Grants for translators and publishers for the production of sample translations. 
  • Travel grants for translators. Professional translators with at least two published works to their name can apply for grants to cover trips abroad in connection with a specific translation project or study trips to extend/refresh their linguistic and cultural knowledge. 
  • Grants for the attendance by Danish authors at literary festivals, readings and promotional events in connection with the publication of works abroad. Furthermore, we award grants to fund visits to Denmark by foreign authors. 
  • Grants for the publication of Danish literature in translation.