Magnussen/Gamborg, Garfield Park, Chicago Architecture Biennial 2019. Foto: Brian Kinyon


What we do internationally

We work to foster the cultural and commercial development internationally and the promotion of Danish architecture and construction abroad. We set up partnerships for individual projects and exhibitions and do travelling exhibitions. 

Funding programmes

The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Architecture runs a number of both international and national funding programmes. These funding programmes are intended for architects, studios, and institutions with a relation to the Danish architecture scene.

We fund the following areas:

  • Grants to support projects with an ambition to push the boundaries of the field of architecture. We prioritise projects exhibiting a critical and ethical awareness about the role of architecture in relation to its surroundings and society in general.
  • Grants that provide possibilities for groups and individuals who wish to seek out knowledge, inspiration, and partnerships abroad.
  • Grants that provide possibilities for groups and individuals who wish to conduct research on relevant issues concerning the artistic dimension of architecture, develop new techniques, and seek out new knowledge and inspiration.
  • A residency programme at Can Lis on Mallorca that provides the possibility for architects and cross-disciplinary groups to develop their work in the inspiring surroundings of Utzon’s architecture.