Find answers to your questions about the new literature funds

It will be more clear and easier for applicants to apply for support for the export and exchange of literature from the Danish Arts Foundation. Therefore, starting in 2019, there will only be two funds to apply to for foreign activities.

1. I cannot find the fund I usually apply to. What should I do?
All current funds are to be discontinued and replaced by two new funds. They are divided according to whether the purpose is international or specifically intended for children and young adults. None of the current purposes have been discontinued; the funds have just been given a simpler structure.

2. How many applications may I submit for a deadline?
You may submit an application for each purpose for which you are applying for support. You may apply for a number of events in the same application.

3. What are the deadlines for the new funds?
The new funds have two annual deadlines: 15 February and 15 August.

4. Are there funds with ongoing deadlines?
No, there are no longer funds that are processed on an ongoing basis. All funds have been given two annual deadlines.

5. Is there still a maximum application amount with regard to applications for sample translations?
There is no longer a fixed amount for sample translations. Therefore, you have the possibility to apply for support for both short and long sample translations.

6. May I still apply to the Literary Exchange Fund?
You can still apply for the same purpose, but you must apply to the ‘Danish Literature Abroad and Foreign Literature in Denmark Fund’.

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