Hot facts about Nordic Cool

387,072 LEGO bricks, 56 stained-glass birds from the Faeroe Islands, 25 Nordic authors, 100 concerts, and over 150 hours filled with the blaze of the Northern Lights. The key figures for the recent cultural festival, Nordic Cool 2013, are now out.

162 hours of artificially-created Northern Lights were projected onto the outside of the Kennedy Center, created by light artist Jesper Kongshaug. Photo: Margot Schulman.

100 performances, 66 performing groups, 12 special exhibitions, and the participation of 750 artists from all the Nordic countries drew just under 200,000 guests in four weeks to the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. The programme offered stage arts, music, literature, and architecture and design from the five Nordic countries, including Greenland, the Faeroe Islands, and Åland.

“Nordic Cool 2013 was an incredibly successful international festival and we are so pleased that nearly 200,000 people came to the Kennedy Center to experience the vibrant culture of the Nordic region,” says Alicia Adams, Vice President of International Programming at the Kennedy Center.

“We received wonderful feedback from people – both local and those who travelled from the Nordic region. We are thrilled with the impact that Nordic Cool 2013 had on our audiences and supporters. It is a festival that will be long remembered,” Alicia Adams adds.   

Ministers from all five Nordic countries participated in the cultural festival in Washington, D.C. Danish Minister for Culture Marianne Jelved herself participated in the opening of the festival and had meetings with her fellow ministers for culture from the Nordic countries on the same occasion.

Hot facts about Nordic Cool 2013:  

  • 66 different performing groups
  • 100 performances/concerts, etc.
  • 12 exhibitions/installations participated in the festival
  • More than 750 artists participated from the Nordic countries
  • 3 symphony orchestras
  • 25 authors
  • 15 cargo containers crossed the Atlantic with equipment and materials for performances and exhibitions
  • 162 hours of artificially-created Northern Lights were projected onto the outside of the Kennedy Center, created by light artist Jesper Kongshaug
  • 1,270 shirts were used to create Kaarina Kaikkonen’s installation in the Kennedy Center’s foyer
  • 56 stained-glass birds were part of Trondur Pattursson’s installation
  • 64 design objects were a part of the ”Nordic Design Illustrated” exhibition
  • 40 video clips created by Nordic young people were featured in the installation ”Our World, Our Future”  
  • More than 500 hours and 387,072 LEGO bricks were used to design and build two LEGO murals
  • More than 2,000 visitors participated in Explore the Arts education events at the Kennedy Center, including post-performance discussions, master classes, culinary tastings, and Knitting Rhythm – a knitting workshop with 300 attendees.

Nordic Cool 2013 was a Nordic cultural festival in Washington, D.C. It was realized in a collaboration between the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the Nordic ambassadors in Washington, D.C., the Nordic Council of Ministers, and the respective Nordic artistic and cultural exchange programmes in the Nordic countries.  With respect to Denmark, the Royal Embassy of Denmark in Washington, D.C., NAPA – the Nordic Institution in Greenland, Nalaakkersuisut/ The Government of Greenland, the Nordic House in the Faeroe Islands, the Ministry of Culture for the Faeroe Islands, and the Danish Agency for Culture have acted in advisory roles for the Kennedy Center.

Additional information

Senior advisor, Sune Blicher, Danish Agency for Culture, tel.: +45 33 74 45 62

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