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Climate Psychology
Published 2021, 255 pages


People's Press

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Jakob Malling Lambert, 


Climate Psychology

Climate change will radically change the world as we know it. Why do the majority of us continue to live our lives as if nothing is happening?

“Precisely because we are humans,” explains the psychologist Solveig Roepstorff in this thought-provoking book that lays out the full range of automatic reactions, behavior problems, and conditions that news about the state of the globe activates in us and which—unfortunately—get us to do everything but act.

Through insights drawn from international studies, client case studies, and the author’s own reflections, this book illustrates how we can use optimistic points from climate psychology to lift ourselves out of anxiety and apathy and create a meaningful, active community capable of saving both our world and ourselves.

About the author 

Solveig Roepstorff, b. 1972, is psychologist in private practice and a biodiversity activist. She is also an active member of the climate-psychology network Climate Psychology Alliance in which, together with therapists and researchers from all over the world, she researches and develops psychology’s contribution to handling and mitigating the climate crisis. This is her third psychology book.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes