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The Crisis of Democracy and the New Autocracies 
(Demokratiets krise og de nye autokratier)
Published 2020, 368 pages


Aarhus University Press

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The Crisis of Democracy and the New Autocracies

"The Crisis of Democracy and the New Autocracies" is an attempt to make sense of the recent political realities, where the liberal democracy seems to be on retreat and, with a metaphor coined by David Runciman, to go through a midlife crisis. The classic threats – coups from above, revolutions from below – have become rare. The crisis normally doesn’t appear in dramatic transformations, but rather as long-lasting processes, where the balance between democracy and non-democracy slowly and gradually becomes pushed towards autocracy. The book takes the pulse of the global state of affairs, showing that today’s political reality is a complex development of democratic setbacks and emerging autocracies, where individuals or groups undermine the democratic rules of the game to gain power.

About the editors

Mikkel Thorup (ed.), Aarhus University, works on totalitarianism, antifeminism, debt, the state and conspiracy theories. His previous publications include An Intellectual History of Terror.

Peter Seeberg (ed.), University of Southern Denmark, has numerous publications such as in Mediterranean Politics; he has also co-edited Migration, Security and Citizenship in the Middle East, among others.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes