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The Outer Limit
(Den yderste grænse – danske frivillige i de
baltiske uafhængighedskrige 1918-1920)
Published 2019, 1208 pages


Lindhart & Ringhof

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Lindhart & Ringhof, Rikke Kühn Riegels,


The Outer Limit

In the wake of the Russian Revolution in 1917 and up to the Second World War, a long line of ideological wars raged in Europe. Fearing the expansion of Bolshevism in the Nordic countries, a privately funded voluntary corps was engaged to fight the enemy in the Soviet Union. The Danish Baltic Auxiliary Corps fought in Estonia, Latvia and Russia. The Corps consisted of a band of mercenaries and ideologically motivated voluntary soldiers, who defied the official party line of neutrality, and went to war with the government’s secret approval.

In this illustrated, double volume, Danish historian Mikkel Kirkebæk describes the Danish and Nordic involvement in the Baltic Region from a political, military and sociological perspective. Kirkebæk’s book is an interpretation of a forgotten chapter of our history that has influenced society in the period after the War, and impacts on the state security and stability of the Baltic region today.


About the author

Mikkel Kirkebæk (b. 1973) is a PhD historian and author of a series of critically acclaimed books and articles about the volunteer military corps, radical right wing groups, Danes in the SS arms corps, ideological warfare and war sociology. Kirkebæk is the recipient of Weekendavisen’s Literary Award for the biography Schalburg – en patriotisk landsforræder (Schalburg – a Patriotic Traitor) and has twice been nominated for the Historical Novel of the Year in Denmark.

Text translated by Lin Falk van Rooyen