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Greatest of These 
(Størst af alt)
Published 2020, 296 pages


Politikens Forlag 

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Greatest of These 

What is love?
This is a fundamental question, and it hits Lone Frank hard when she suddenly loses it: love. Her lover is dead, her family long since gone and her friends are no longer as close as she thought they were. In the middle of her life, Lone realizes that she has taken love for granted, indeed, she understands very little of its substance and importance.
The science of love is a new discipline. It covers a history that stretches from the evolutionary powers that have set the parameters for the species to the filigree neural activities that ultimately shape an individual person’s love life.
Greatest of These is a mosaic narrative, which allows Lone Frank to piece together bricks of significance from natural science, psychology and cultural research and define the true nature of love. The book is also one woman’s personal journey of discovery that propels her to a new vantage point in her life.


About the author

Lone Frank (b. 1966) is a long-standing facilitator of natural sciences in Denmark. She has penned the critically acclaimed books Mit smukke genom [My beautiful genome] (2010) and Lystens pioneer [Pioneer of desire] (2016). She holds a PhD in neuroscience and works as a science writer for the weekly Weekendavisen. Frank is also a popular speaker who often collaborates in radio, television and documentary programmes on science.

Text translated by Denise Rose Hansen