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Voices from Greenland. The Danish Colony in the 1920’s
(Stemmer fra Grønland. Den danske koloni i 1920’erne)
Published 2021, 491 pages


Kristeligt Dagblads Forlag

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Pernille Follmann Ballebye,

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Voices from Greenland

On June 21, 2020—on Greenland’s National Day—the statue of Hans Egede in Nuuk was splashed with red paint. Since then the debate around the colonial past has been raging. 2021 is the 300-year anniversary of Egede’s arrival in Greenland and the beginning of the colonisation and Christianisation of the Greenlanders. The time is ripe to consider a paradigm shift in Danish-Greenlandic relations.

Voices from Greenland gives the floor to people who lived in Greenland in the 1920s. The poor fisherman Peter Gundel and the Danish doctor Jørgen Hvam stand at the center. Around them revolves a rich gallery of native-born Greenlanders and Danish settlers, men and women, high and low. Through their stories we come to understand the hopes and dreams of ordinary people in a time of extraordinary societal changes.

About the author

Kirsten Thisted, born 1957, is a lecturer in the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies at the University of Copenhagen. She has studied Greenlandic literature and relations between Greenland and Denmark since the 1980s. Her published works include Således skriver jeg, Aron (Thus I write, Aron, 1999); she co-edited Denmark and the New North Atlantic - Narratives and Memories in a Former Empire.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes