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Big Bangs and Small Wonders: Rediscovering Science
(Naturvidenskaben genfortalt – fra universets fødsel til livets mindste dele)
Published 2021, 422 pages


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Big Bangs and Small Wonders: Rediscovering Science

Natural science is key to understanding our time’s greatest challenges and its history is filled with tales of improbable breakthroughs, wild blunders and incredible insights.

Big Bangs and Small Wonders: Rediscovering Science describes the world from the Big Bang to the smallest microbes. Together with the help of numerous natural science researchers, Johanne Pontoppidan Tuxen and Mikkel Vuorela offer an enthusiastic and vital introduction to the complicated interconnectivity of nature and how it shapes our lives.

Big Bangs and Small Wonders is supported by the Carlsberg Foundation.

“I wish that I as a scientist was able to communicate nature's secrets in such a captivating way.” —Katherine Richardson, Professor, Biological Oceanography

“Here is everything you could dream of knowing.”  —Anja C. Andersen, Professor, Astrophysics and and Planetery Science

About the authors

Johanne Pontoppidan Tuxen, b. 1982. A journalist for Information.

Mikel Vuorela, b. 1984. A journalist for Information.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes