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Life in Lego – A Family History
(Et liv med Lego )
Published 2021, 456 pages


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For the first time ever a book traces the fascinating history of the LEGO Group and the Kirk Kristisansen family over the course of a century. Life in LEGO, written by Jens Andersen, is a fairytale story of the world’s largest toy production company. It begins in 1916, when Ole Kirk Christiansen set up shop as a carpenter in Billund, and follows both the family and the company in their occasionally dramatic development up to the present day when the LEGO-brand is beloved worldwide.

At the same time, Life in LEGO offers a cultural history of changing views on children and childhood and different epochs’ ideas about the meaning of toys. The book is fully-illustrated and Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen elaborates and comments on his own and his family’s life with LEGO throughout.

About the author

Jens Andersen, born 1955, has a PhD in Nordic literature, is a lecturer and prize-wining author, and the biographer of, among others, Thit Jensen, Tove Ditlevsen, H.C. Andersen, Queen Margrethe, Astrid Lindgren and Frederik Crown Prince of Denmark.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes