Photo: Poul Ib Henriksen, Jakob Ross Jornil and Anne Solmer


Published 2020, 275 pages


Aarhus Universitetsforlag 

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Aarhus Universitetsforlag, Karina Bell Ottosen,



Inger Christensen is one the most celebrated Nordic poets on the international literary scene. In Revisited, leading Inger Christiansen scholars assess the significance of the publication of her papers — verden ønsker at se sig selv [the world wishes to see itself] — for how we perceive her work.
The meticulous nature of her creative process is a hallmark of Inger Christensen’s art; the reader has a sense that the words ultimately appearing on the page were perfectly chosen, unexchangeable. The examination of her papers takes us beyond the sense of perfection embedded her art, and into the process that preceded it. We discover a previously unknown draft of a crime novel from Paris, and we have the opportunity to revisit Christensen’s speculative essays and major works such as det [it] (1969), Brev i april [Letter in April] (1979) and alfabet [alphabet] (1981). A revised and even more sophisticated picture of her oeuvre emerges.


About the authors

Dan Ringgaard is a professor of Nordic Literature at Aarhus University, Denmark. His publications include the works Stedssans [Sense of place] (2010); Stoleleg. Om Jørgen Leths verdener [Musical chairs. On the worlds of Jørgen Leth] (2012), Litteratur [Literature] (2014) and Årsværk. En kritikers dagbog [Annual Production.Diary of a critic] (2017).

Jonas Ross Kjærgård is an assistant professor of comparative literature at Aarhus University. Most recently he has published the book Reimagining Society in Eighteenth Century French Literature: Happiness and Human Rights (2018).

Text translated by Denise Rose Hansen