Illustrations: Sara Koppel


The Little Book About…
(Den lille bog om…)
Published 2020, 72 pages



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The Little Book About…

The Little Book About… is a revolutionary and beautifully illustrated guide to the vagina. Molly Mørch introduces, describes and peels back every taboo of the most secretive sexual organ on earth. Armed with her hardcore feminine touch and her characteristic transparency, Sara Koppel leads the reader up and into the cervix. To the large ’Venus trap’, the clitoris. And the non-existent hymen of the virgin.
This book is a fact-based homage to the vulva and vagina. It breaks with the taboos, myths and repressions that still cleave to the so-called cunt, slit, pussy, vagina, box, gash, muff, clit, Pudenda, dent, vulva, crevice, genitalia, hymen, labia, clitoris, Venus trap, the … 


About the authors

Molly Mørch is a somatic therapist who specializes in practical sexology and trauma in her own private clinic. She is a speaker and workshop leader on courses on the body, mind and sexuality. She is the female mastermind behind THE LITTLE BOOK ABOUT… and she hopes that the book will not only give her readers insight into the vagina, but inspire them to explore feelings about their bodies, and seek the help and guidance they might need.

Sara Koppel has been in the Danish animation industry since she was 14 years old. In her own animation study, ’Naked Love Film’, Koppel creates her own artistic animation films, ‘Augmented Reality’ and visual art. She also works as an illustrator and produces animation sequences for the productions of others. With her analogue and lively approach to her subject, Sara Koppel has been a popular leader of a series of works on environmental politics, gender dynamics and sexuality.

Text translated by Denise Rose Hansen