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The Limpid Heart 
(Det glasklare hjerte) 
Published 2020, 340 pages


Strandberg Publishing

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Strandberg Publishing, Mille Bjørnstrup,


The Limpid Heart

The avant-garde artist L.A. Ring (1854 – 1933) created a new visual artistic aesthetic and achieved widespread acclaim and popularity. Today there is an international interest in his works, including in the Nordic countries, Europe and the United States. The composition of The Limpid Heart is both chronological and thematic with a number of chapters that diverge from the horizontal progressive composition, focusing on the artist’s core motives instead: the road, the threshold, death, love and seasonal change. The Limpid Heart is a fresh resource that challenges the established view of the artist. Henrik Wivel creates a sophisticated and captivating picture of the artist and person of this canonical Danish painter.


About the author

Dr. Phil. Henrik Wivel is a critic, author and former Editor of Arts of the Danish newspapers Weekendavisen, Berlingske Tidende and Kristeligt Dagblad. His work has been acknowledged with the Selma Lagerlöf Medal, the Danish/Swedish Cultural Prize, the Georg Brandes Prize and the Danish Author Association’s Non-fiction Prize. He has published more than 25 books. Most recently, the scientific version of Johannes Jørgensen’s Memoirs, Mit Livs Legende [The Legend of my Life], also featuring L.A. Ring.

Text translated by Denise Rose Hansen