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Breakthrough: Women in Danish Art from the 17th Century to the Present
(Gennembrud – Kvinder i dansk kunst fra 1600-tallet til i dag)
Published 2021, 416 pages


Strandberg Publishing

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Breakthrough: Women in Danish Art from the 17th Century to the Present

Christine Løvmand, Edma Frølich Stage, Anna Klindt Sørensen, Ludovica Thornam and Rita Kernn-Larsen all belong to the large number of women in Danish art who—having stood in the shadows of their male colleagues—are now being pulled forward into the light to give us a more nuanced picture of the history of Danish art.

After many years spent collecting information about women in Danish art, the art historian Eva Pohl presents in this book an overview that offers insights into pioneering women’s struggle to step onto the stage of art and break through. It presents important movements as well as the connections between generations and inspiring artist communities. From traditional flower painting, model studies and portraits to experimental pieces that work with the body, space, and memory.

About the author 

Eva Pohl, MA and PhD, is a writer and a curator. She has been associated with Berlinske as a critic and cultural commentator since 1987. For the last 30 years Pohl has focused on women in Danish art in her books, articles, and exhibitions, including with the publication of A Place in the Son—female danish artists born between 1850 and 1930 (En plads i solen). Pohl has twice received the Working Grant from the Danish Arts Council.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes