Photo: Poul Ib Henriksen and Jørgen Sparre


Chaplin's Stick
(Chaplins Pind)
Published 2020, 225 pages


Aarhus Universitetsforlag

Foreign rights:

Aarhus University Press, Karina Bell Ottosen, 


Chaplin's Stick

A deleted scene from an old film: Chaplin on a street corner. Something happens. This is how Dan Ringgaard begins his book about the creative process in art, and in literature in particular. What is the origin of creativity, and how do works of art come into existence?
Chaplin's Stick investigates how art is created – in the hands of the artist and the mind of the reader. It is a meditation of the relationship between art and creativity. Each of the 23 short essays collected in this book examines a specific aspect of the writing process and the process of creation. The subjects included range from sketches and edits, boredom and improvisations to modes of reading. Essentially, Ringgaard explores how the consciousness of the other is embedded in the artwork, overwhelming us with its richness.


About the author

Dan Ringgaard is a professor of Nordic Literature at Aarhus University, Denmark. His publications include the works Stedssans [Sense of place] (2010); Stoleleg. Om Jørgen Leths verdener [Musical chairs. On the worlds of Jørgen Leth] (2012), Litteratur [Literature] (2014) and Årsværk. En kritikers dagbog [Annual Production.Diary of a critic] (2017).

Text translated by Denise Rose Hansen