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Published 2020, 304 pages


Gads Forlag

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Gads Forlag, Rikke Detlevsen,



How do you bring up your son when you don’t have a good example to look to in your own childhood? How do you break with the past when you want to have a closer relationship with your children, than you had with your own father?
Fathers is a universal story about fathers and sons, as well as the legacy and values that we wish to pass on to our children – and society at large. The book gives us an insight into a part of an increasingly multi-ethnic society, as well as that human relationship, which is most private and inaccessible: the relationship to our children. The stories illustrate different ways of nurturing our children across subsequent generations, as well as the kind of future Denmark that lies ahead.
Five remarkable fathers report on divorce, nature/nurture inheritance, role models, a sense of community, death and immortalization in the family sphere.


About the authors

Aydin Soei (born 1982) holds a Bachelor degree in journalism and a Master’s degree in sociology. Aydin Soei has researched and written a series of books on ethnic minorities, aberrant behaviour amongst youth and delinquency. He was responsible for the Tingbjerg-investigation and has published the books Skyld [Guilt] (2007), Vrede unge mænd [Angry young men] (2011), Omar – og de andre [Omar – and the others] (2018), as well as Forsoning [Reconciliation] (2016), which tells the story of his own family. He is the father of Adam, aged 7 and lives in Nørrebro.

Text translated by Denise Rose Hansen