Photo: Vibeke Grønfeldt


Glass Air
Published 2020, 384 pages



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Gyldendal Group Agency, Lise Broen Rosenberg Dahm,

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Glass Air

Readers first met Elvine, a sharp and vulnerable writer, in Vibeke Grønfeldt’s 2016 novel "Not Yet". In "Glass Air" we meet Elvine once again as she continues her journal entries from a small, remote community where everything seems to be in disrepair. Elvine is getting older and becoming more lonely. Death and disease surround the people around her, and her best friend, Linn, has deserted her.

Vibeke Grønfeldt’s "Glass Air" captures a snapshot our present era and the consumption and never-ending, manipulative news cycle that characterises it. In spite of the main character’s self-imposed isolation, the outside world keeps knocking on her door. This is a novel about human loneliness and the fight for life.

About the author 

Vibeke Grønfeldt’s rich opus includes a long list of published works. She writes about the Fringes of Denmark and people who struggle to find their place in the world. Since the 1970s Grønfeldt’s works have challenged the culture that has grown out of the industrial and information economies. She’s received numerous prizes and grants over the years including the Danish Arts Council’s lifetime benefit.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes