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My Night With You
(Min Nat Med Dig)
Published 2020, 60 pages



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Fahrenheit, Paw Krogsbæk Mathiasen, 


My Night With You

In the cold, underground public toilets of Rådhuspladsen the boy Mads has sex for money with arbitrary men. At the Burger King above Janus sits drinking his soda, a collection of poetry in his backpack. Mads has his rules and his regular clients, so he tries to get rid of Janus, who is sitting at ‘his’ table. Their relationship starts with an argument, and initially they don’t appear to have anything in common. And yet, on this night of melting snow and eternal darkness in Copenhagen, everything changes.
My Night With You is a story about two young guys at a stage of their lives when many decisions have to be made. But is it not deciding who you really are the hardest choice of all? This is a story rich with insight from author Tomas Lagermand Lundme, accompanied by Fred Tornager’s poetic and evocative touch.
The back-drop may be 1980’s Copenhagen, but the emotions are timeless!


About the authors 

Tomas Lagermand Lundme (born 1973) is a graduate of the Danish Writer’s Academy, the Royal Danish Art Academy and Aarhus School of Music and Art (Gøglerskolen). He made his debut in 1998 with the novel Forhud [Foreskin] and his subsequent works include adult fiction, children’s fiction, YA fiction, poetry, drama and manuscripts for television series.

Fred Tornager (born 1996) holds a Bachelor degree in graphic art from The Animation Workshop in Viborg. She collaborated on the American Eisner and Ringo Nominated comics anthology Get Naked (Image Comics, 2018), and has worked for Fiesta Magazine in Denmark.

Text translated by Denise Rose Hansen