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Future Mirror
Published 2020, 250 pages



Foreign rights:

Gyldendal Group Agency, Lise Broen Rosenberg Dahm,

Previous titles sold to:

Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, The Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, US

Sample translation:

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Future Mirror

"Future Mirror" is a new, whimsical novel by Svend Åge Madsen about time and technology, about body language, storytelling and desire.

It’s love at first sight when chronophysicist Sverre Jun looks into Juanna’s warm, intense eyes behind the box office window. It’s also love at first sight a few days later when he sees the Irene’s melancholy smile at the bakery. He falls in love with both women instantly, but how does he choose between them? He sees only one solution: develop an app to predict his future with each woman. He throws himself into the work of developing the algorithm, renting premises in Nøjrup, a city where the era of the individual is over and the era of the collective has begun. It’s a place populated with stories that could solve Sverre Jun’s dilemma.

About the author 

Svend Åge Madsen (b. 1939) debuted in 1963 and has published a new work every year since. He’s written novels, short stories, plays and children’s books, and has received numerous prizes, including the Grand Prize of the Danish Academy, the Søren Gyldendal Prize, the Holberg Medal, the DR Novel Prize and the Golden Laurel.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes