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On Calculation of Volume III
(Om Udregning af Rumfang III)
Published 2021, 176 pages


Pelegraf Forlag

Foreign rights:

Copenhagen Literary Agency,

Sold to:

Serbia, Germany

Previous sold to:

Estonia, France, Germany, Holland, Lithuania, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK


On Calculation Of Volume III

What would you do if the same day repeated itself over and over again and you were the only person to experience it? This is what happens to Tara Selter, the protagonist in On Calculation of Volume, a novel series about love, existential loneliness and finding meaning in the everyday.
Written with intense clarity and precision, we follow Tara in volume I as she attempts to find a way back into time with the help of her husband who remains blissfully unaware of the day’s repetition. Failing this, Tara sets off in search of a change in seasons in Volume II, tired of the endless autumn. To her surprise, she meets someone who is also stuck in time. In Volume III, Tara attempts to return to her husband, but she has grown older while he has remained unchanged. One day, someone comes knocking and Tara suddenly finds herself among many others who have also been stuck in November 18th.

About the author 

Solvej Balle’s (b. 1962) international breakthrough came with According to the Law: Four Accounts of Mankind (1993), which was published in 10 territories. Now she’s back with a speculative septology, On Calculation of Volume, which has been underway for 30 years. Vol. I and II have already earned her a Montana Litera­ture Prize nomination and has been applauded by critics as “one of the happiest occurrences in literature in 2020” (Information).