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Moloch - A Tale of Fury
(Moloch en fortælling om mit raseri)
Published 2020, 244 pages


Forlaget Vandkunsten

Foreign rights

Forlaget Vandkunsten, Søren Møller Christensen,


Moloch - A Tale of Fury

Moloch is a continuous prose poem about the fall and reconciliation of man. It is the story of a person who must face the realization of his greatest fears: the loss of his love; an absolute surrender to hopelessness, suspicion, jealousy and self-hatred, all hope, trust and faith in ruins.
An essentially human tale about falling in love, with all the desire and loss, powerlessness and rage that deep love involves; a poem about rising up from the ashes; a fluid narrative that gives insight into an intelligent and restless mind.


About the author 

Søren R. Fauth (born 1971) is a poet, translator, germanist and professor at Aarhus University. Apart from his critical articles and books on literature, Fauth has published two prose poems, Universet er slidt [The Universe is Worn] (2013) and Digt om Døden [Poem on Death] (2018), as well as the poetry collection På Jupiter findes fortiden ikke [The Past does not Exist on Jupiter] (2019). In addition, he translates from German into Danish.

Text translated by Denise Rose Hansen