Photo: Agnete Schlichtkrull


The Chain (Kæden)
Published 2019, 104 pages


Byens Forlag

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The Chain

After an alcohol fuelled night, Anne wakes up next to a guy she’s never met before - Per. When he slams her front door, he leaves behind a bracelet that he wants back, pronto. As Anne struggles to get a grip on her own life and issues with her lover, Mads, she becomes entangled in Per’s complicated world, to the point where her own dreams and aspirations, not to mention her self-respect, are engulfed by Per’s problems. In The Chain, we follow the young Anne and her efforts to take control of her own life and, as in her first two novels, Schlictkrull wrestles with the power and influence of money. With a forensic focus and precise literary scalpel, Signe Schlictkrull cuts right to the bone. This, in conjunction with the short chapters and changing perspectives, delivers an intense and compressed reading experience that ripples under the skin of the reader.

About the author 

Signe Schlichtkrull (b. 1969), debuted as a novelist in 2009, having previously written poetry and short stories. Her debut The Bailiff won high praise from reviewers. For example, Politiken spoke of: “Signe Schlichtkrull’s superbly focused and utterly compelling debut novel.” Then came its successor Crash (2012), and acclaim such as that in Information: “Elegantly composed. Scary. Cool.” The Chain continues Signe Schlicthkrull’s authorial exploration of money and the power it exerts over people’s life choices.

Text translated by Paul Larkin