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Fuck Mum and Busser (Fuck mor og Busser)
Published 2019, 121 pages



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Fuck Mum and Busser

Mum and Busser were once loving partners; got Emma and her twin sister and became a real lesbian nuclear family of the ‘creative class’ type. But then mum and Busser split and moved from one another – or rather, Busser moved to a collective in alternative Nørrebro with her childhood friend Peter and his new girlfriend, and mum moved in upstairs. Now Emma and her twin sister are teenagers, going to parties at ‘Whatever House’, sharing the same pain as all their mates who likewise were babies when the ‘Battle of the Squats’ was at its height. Oh yes and fucking sick of mum and Busser’s mantra of prefabricated middle class ideas about college, student exchanges and “expanding your horizons, guys”. Emma and her sister agree that from now on it’s all out war on mum and Busser. They hold nothing back in laying bare the hypocrisy at the heart of their family, society, or the whole world! But how to rebel against a family that itself was born out of a previous youth rebellion? Fuck Mum and Busser, is the third stand alone book in Kristina Nya Glaffey’s funny and needle sharp novel series about a rainbow family in Nørrebro, told from one twin sister’s perspective and with an unparalleled sense of situation comedy and rapid fire dialogue.

About the author 

Kristina Nya Glaffey (b. 1979), is a 2005 graduate from the Danish Writer’s Academy. She has previously published the fictions books The Happiness Hunters (2007) and Amphibians and Reptiles (2012). Then came the trilogy Mum and Busser (2014); Mum and Busser Split (2014) and Fuck Mum and Busser (2019). Here the life of a lesbian nuclear family is described through eyes of the children. The trilogy explores concepts of family anno 2014-19.

Text translated by Paul Larkin