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With regards to starting over
(Med hensyn til at blive ny)
Published 2021, 311 pages


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With Regards to Starting Over

We meet the desperate protagonist in the midst of a personal crisis. She has just lost her mother and left a romantic relationship. She attempts to distract herself by seeking refuge in a summerhouse. But it’s out of season, the past intrudes, and her retreat never becomes the happy summerhouse-trip she had hoped for. Instead she surrenders to the hostility of nature, her thoughts and the future as it brings forth the yet unknown.

With Regards to Starting Over is a powerful, modern novel about life’s quirks, long friendships and the fact that we never have quite as much time as we imagine. A sharp, sensorial and tragicomic novel from a new literary voice.

About the author 

Kirstine K. Høgsbro, born 1979, has made a career as a playwright since 2013. Her dramatic work includes the romantic-satire Hvor er du egentlig grim, når du er liderlig (You’re so ugly when you’re horny) and the monologue Lugter det lidt af lykke (It smells a bit like happiness) for which she won a Reumert Award. The critically-acclaimed With Regards to Starting Over is Høgsbro’s first novel.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes