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The house of women
(Værelse samlet af kvinder)
Published 2021, 280 pages


Forlaget Grif

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Forlaget Grif,

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The house of women

A woman breaks away from her materially comfortable existence with husband and teenage children and moves in with a female friend. The novel follows her first critical year after the divorce. She chooses her own way in the crisis, in her desire to live she chooses to follow her girlfriend, mother, neighbor and daughter and, alongside them, carried by them, to throw the hammer, fall, run, fly into a new beginning. The House of Women is a scrappy and humorous, wild and liberating novel of pain and crisis that challenges our current notions of the middle-aged woman.

About the author 

Katrine Grünfeld, born 1968, has a master’s in psychology and literature and debuted in 2008 with the novel Mindre pletter (Minor Stains). Thereafter she came out with Sommerferie (Summer Holidays, 2010), Et hjem i Mørke (A Home in the Dark, 2012), and Stormskader (Storm Damage, 2015).

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes