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Tomorrow will be better 2. The Queen
(I morgen bliver bedre 2. Dronningen)
Published 2020, 232 pages


Forlaget COBOLT

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Forlaget COBOLT,, and the author, Karoline Stjernfelt.

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Tomorrow will be better 2. The Queen

"The Queen" is the second volume in Karoline Stjernfelt's dramatic trilogy about Queen Caroline Mathilde, King Christian VII and his personal physician Johann Friedrich Struensee. Christian VII is more lost than ever when Struensee is called in as the king’s new personal physician to soothe the royal nerves. But Struensee's medical council rapidly expands beyond the health of the royal family, which may not be the kingdom's biggest problem. Struensee becomes the confidant of both the king and the queen, but as Denmark's future brightens, Caroline experiences a tantalising sensation and dangerous feelings.

It’s a tale of loneliness, infatuation and power told from the innermost royal chambers. A real piece of Danish history unfolds in Karoline Stjernfelt’s refreshing and beautiful visual universe.

About the author 

Karoline Stjernfelt (b. 1993) debuted in 2015 with "Kongen" [The king], the first volume of "Tomorrow will be better", receiving the Ping Prize, the Claus Deleuran Prize for Best Danish Debut, and a nomination for Bogforum's Debutant Prize. In 2019 she also published the graphic novel "Usete steder & andre historier" [Unseen Places & Other Stories]. Stjernfelt graduated from the Comics School in Malmö.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes