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Photo: Clara Jetsmark


Places Unseen
(Usete steder)
Published 2019, 80 pages



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Places Unseen

A king renounces God and the Heavens, if only he can keep his Gurren. A bird photographer swears that she never hurt the baby seal she saw on the beach when she was a child. A war thwarts the dreams of an aspiring young chemist and diverts her fate along a different path entirely. A house in a secluded part of the Swedish forest and the biggest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, have something in common. A blood oath seals a secretive deal between two long-standing acquaintances and a mummy returns to its home. Each and every one meets their fate in some form or another. And fate has consequences ... its ways are inscrutable to man.

Places Unseen is a collection of six tales of fate by the talented Danish artist and storyteller Karoline Stjernfelt.


About the author 

Karoline Stjernfelt (b. 1993) made her debut in 2015 with the first part of her critically acclaimed historical cartoon series I Morgen Bliver Bedre - 1 Kongen (Tomorrow Will be Better - 1 The King), about the Danish King Christian VII. Stjernfelt is currently working on the second part of the trilogy: 2, The Queen, which is forthcoming in September 2020.

Text translated by Lin Falk van Rooyen