Photo: Sofie Amalie Klougart


All This Could be Yours
(Alt dette kunne du få)
Published 2021, 290 pages



Foreign rights:

Copenhagen Literary Agency,

Sold to:

Bulgaria, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden

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Germany, Sweden, Turkey, USA, Bulgaria, Norway, Albania, Croatia, Italy, The Netherlands, Portual, Brazil, Island,


All This Could be Yours

It’s winter. Barbara travels across the country with her newborn to join her mother and sister in the days leading up to her father’s heart surgery. The operation goes smoothly, but when he opens his eyes, his gaze is empty and devoid of recognition; it’s like looking into the eyes of someone robbed of a soul. For the next week, the doctors try to wake him up from the anesthesia. Each day, the same thing happens. We don’t know why, the doctors say, but some people never really wake up. 

Staying in her childhood home with her baby and faced with the possible loss of her father, Barbara begins to see her family and their history in a new light. All This Could Be Yours is a moving portrait of a family across two generations, about mothers and sisters, and the ideals and dreams we inherit.

About the author 

Josefine Klougart (b. 1985) made her literary debut with the novel Stigninger og fald (Rise and Fall) which was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize in 2010. A year later, Klougart was awarded the Danish Royal Prize for Culture. The committee called her “one of the most important writers, not just of her generation, but of her time.” Her third novel, Én af os sover (One of us is Sleeping) was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize 2013.