Photo: Johan Krarup & Jacob Krarup


It’s up to you (title is subject to change)
(Det må du selv om)
Published 2021, 192 pages


Forlaget COBOLT

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Forlaget COBOLT,, and the author, Johan Krarup.

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It’s up to you

In "It’s up to you" (title is subject to change) Johan Krarup revisits his early teenage years. The scene is a Danish suburb in the 80s and everything is peace and idyll. Johan goes to karate practice and paints Warhammer-figures at home in his room. He has good classmates, and he loves to draw. But Johan is also lonely, and, the absence of support at home is untenable and ultimately makes Johan an insecure and disoriented boy.

"It’s up to you" is a gentle look behind the family backdrop where careers and a lack of connection leave a fragile teenage boy on his own.

About the author 

Johan Krarup (b. 1976) made his debut in 2004 in the magazine "Free Comics". He has since published a myriad of quirky comics. In his 2017 graphic novel, "Styrelsen" [The board], Johan draws with greater realism—a style he refines in "It’s up to you". Krarup graduated with a master's degree in Philosophy from the University of Copenhagen in 2005 and today owns the company Optic Circus Visuals.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes