Photo: Torben Eskerod


Published 2021, 488 pages


Lindhardt og Ringhof

Foreign rights:

Ulla Høy Davidsen,, Sune de Souza, Schmidt-Madsen

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Jørn Riel is known and loved for his heart-warming yarns about the trappers in Northeastern Greenland. His stories are united by the common theme of what it means to be human. They grapple with life and death, nature’s incredible primordial power and humanity’s indomitable will to survive—even in the harshest conditions. With a warm humor, Jørn Riel describes life north of the polar circle through stories of polar cod and drinking games, isolation and finding one’s self.

The collection consists of thirty stories, selected by Jørn Riel, in addition to his preface. The selections include some of Riel’s best known tales, including The Cold Virgin and The Priest Hell.

About the author 

Jørn Riel, born 1931, has published many novels, travelogues, children’s books, and not least, yarns—a genre that he, more than anyone else, has made his own. He currently lives in Malaysia with his wife Anette.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes