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Published 2021, 297 pages


Forlaget Kronstork

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Monastery is about Linea, a young woman who—after a life-altering event and a number of detours—ends up at a monastery in Romania. She tries to find a place for herself in a world without her old waymarkers. Linea is more and more attracted to the simple life in the monastery, the quiet hours of garden work and the company of the nuns who show her new sides of herself. Slowly, it dawns on her, that she is no longer the woman she was.

Monastery is a linguistically brisk portrait of a young woman, but with a serious and uplifting undertone that makes an impression and leads you to reflect on the fact that even when sorrow feels almost unbearable it can still lead to something positive and allow for personal evolution.

Ingrid Nymo’s debut novel is a coming-of-age novel for younger adult readers.

About the author 

Ingrid Nymo, b. 1992, was born and raised in Thy in northwestern Jutland. She has contributed to literary magazines and anthologies. She teaches at Testrup Højskole and is an editor at the magazine Hvermandag.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes