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Published 2022, 336 pages


Politikens Forlag

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Politiken Literary Agency, 

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The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden



Where is the line between healthy and unhealthy dependence?

Vitus is five years old when he is adopted by the photographer Alice and the public servant Stig. Alice is fascinated by Vitus’s Greenlandic background and dreams of making a difference for a child in need. She quickly become very attached to her son through a mix of care and photographic play. But Vitus comes with scars on his soul, and the play with his adoptive mother evolves. The line becomes fluid or dissolves, and a psychological game of love begins.

Vittu is a story about love and betrayal—and about the delicate balance between healthy and unhealthy dependence.

Vittu is a free-standing continuation of Tabita.

About the author 

Iben Mondrup, b. 1969, was born in Copenhagen but moved to Greenland with her family as a 3- year-old where she lived until she attended the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts at the age of 18. Mondrup received the Blixen Prize in 2017 for her novel Karensminde. Her recent novels Tabita and Vittu were released to critical acclaim in 2020 and 2022 respectively.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes