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Published 2020, 304 pages



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France, Mexico, The Netherlands, Serbia, Sweden



A highly anticipated graphic novel by Angoulême- winning Halfdan Pisket, Death tackles loss and the ways in which we lose ourselves and each other. As though appearing from the dark clouds looming overhead, a hooded figure in a row boat emerges on the open sea and starts to row towards the all too familiar wind turbines of the Danish coast: Death is coming to town. Death is about being an outsider and a spectator in your own life. About disappearing, mental health and the monotony of everyday life. Whether shelving groceries at the local supermarket or lying sick in a hospital bed or waiting for your boyfriend to return home, Death can and will appear at any moment. An absurd and chilling tour de force. 


About the author 

Halfdan Pisket is a Danish cartoonist and graphic novelist (b. 01.07.85). He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2009 and made his debut with VIOLENCE (Vold). He had his major breakthrough in 2014 with the critically- acclaimed DESERTER (Desertør), the first instalment in his autobiographical trilogy about his Turkish-Armenian father’s life. Winner of the prestigious Prix De La Serie, the d’Angoulême Award for Best Series in 2019.

Text translated by Denise Rose Hansen