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Published 2019, 291 pages



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When the eighteen-year-old Sui moves out of their home, her father Kai, who has raised Sui on his own, is plunged into a crisis. His Korean father left him when he was a child, and Kai identifies with neither his Korean roots, nor his ability to heal by touch. Kai travels to an alternative society in India to find himself, and Sui drives to Sweden to visit her world-renowned mother, Miriam, who is now seventy years old; mother and daughter have not seen each other since Miriam withdrew from civilisation when Sui was just seven years old. Miriam is culminating her life’s work: a wall around part of the forest to allow it to grow unmolested by human beings. After an unsuccessful meeting with her mother, Sui travels on to visit her Korean grandfather, and ends up on the South Korean island of Marado, in a small matriarchy where the inhabitants earn their livelihood diving for pearls.

Origin is an everyday odyssey about a family of three that is scattered in the world to find peace for themselves and each other.


About the author 

Born in Pusan, Korea in 1974, Eva Tind grew up as an adopted child in Låsby, Denmark. Tind is an author, artist and film-maker who graduated from the Art Academy for Architecture in 2001. Often creating inter-disciplinary projects founded in her writing, Tind was awarded the Danish Academy for the Arts‘ Klaus Rifbjerg Debutante Prize for her poetry. She is the recipient of various grants from inter alia the writer’s refuges in San Cataldo and Klitgaarden, the Danish Arts Council, the Danish Institute for Art, the Danish Film Director’s Institute and the Danish Society of Authors.

Text translated by Lin Falk van Rooyen