Photo: Petra Kleis, cover: Paul Wilson, Yellow1


You Can Do Everything
(Du kan alt)
Published 2021, 732 pages



Foreign rights:

Gyldendal Group Agency

Lise Broen Rosenberg Dahm,

Previous titles sold to:

Brazil, UK, Germany, Finland, France, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Hungary, Italy, Spain


You Can Do Everything

With You Can Do Everything Christian Jungersen is back with a new, epic contemporary novel.

When Per’s son moves out and his wife wants a divorce after 22 years of marriage, he quits his job. He wants to make the most of his freedom, to start a therapy and coaching business, to show his fellow man a new way of life. Per wants it all, he says yes to life and invites a former criminal to live with him in his small apartment in Vesterbro, he meets the charismatic Simin and gets involved in a scandal surrounding the Iranian refugee community in Denmark. It burns a fire in Per and then one day the fire starts to burn around him.

You Can Do Everything, an explosion of a novel, poses difficult questions: Can we create a new life when necessary? Can we do it again and again? At what cost?

About the author 

Christian Jungersen, born 1962, is the author of three award-winning novels Undergrowth (1999), The Exception (2004) and You Disappear (2012). The latter two have also been made into films. You Can Do Everything is a nerve-wracking thriller about life after a midlife crisis. Jungersen’s books have been published in Germany, England, France, Spain, Brazil, Turkey, and the US.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes