Photo: Lea Meilandt


Published 2021, 300 pages


Gutkind Forlag A/S

Foreign rights:

Oslo Literary Agency, Annette Orre,

Sold to:

Germany, Norway

Previously sold to:

Germany, Russia, Latvia

Sample translation:

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"Rosarium" is a wild-growing, lush and deeply original novel about a young girl who takes root in the forest and a botanist who goes searching for a very unusual rose.

Spanning over three generations and several continents, at times echoing a dark and surreal Brothers Grimm-fairytale, this is a beautiful, riveting story about people, plants and biology. A poetic and disquieting take on the relationship between humans and nature from one of Denmark’s most innovative literary authors.

About the author 

Charlotte Weitze, born 1974, is a Danish author of fiction, poetry, lyrics and drama. She made her debut with a collection of short stories, titled “Skifting” (“Changeling”) in 1996, for which she was awarded the prestigious Danish Debut Award. Weitze’s authorship has been characterized by her exploration of the liminal spaces between social realism and the otherworldly and her literary style compared by critics to that of authors like Karen Blixen, Kafka and Murakami.