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Photo: David Foli


The dead fill days with the taste of coins
(De døde fylder dagene med en smag af mønter)
Published 2019, 176 pages


Jensen & Dalgaard

Foreign rights

Jensen & Dalgaard, Michael Jensen,


The dead fill days with the taste of coins

“This novel is a gift to readers.” -Dagbladenes Bureau
“Intense, experimental and poetic.” -Dansk Bibliotekscenter
“A moving novel about the unforgiving reality of life.” -Bogblogger 
“A cinematic novel with a taste of rusty Rubles.” -Atlas Magazine

He pays her for the whole night. All he asks is for her to listen to his story – nothing more. He wants to talk about Chernobyl, about the accident. With the dust of an exploded nuclear power station choking his lungs, one man’s monologue turns into a conversation about dreams that are dreamt in the rubble of a political giant in ruins; dreams that embrace artistic expression, a future that does not exist, love and cats. the dead fill days with the taste of coins is shortlisted for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s Novel of the Year that will be announced in summer 2020.


About the author 

Hailed as one of the most interesting contemporary authors writing in Denmark today, Carsten Müller Nielsen (b. 1977) has published eight books in a variety of genres, most recently, the novel Kvartet til tidens ende, 2018 (Quartet to the End of Time) and a narrative bestiary for the 21st century, Bestiarium, 2019 (Bestiary), which was premiered on the Danish Art Foundation’s list of the Ten Best Books of the Year in 2019.

Text translated by Lin Falk van Rooyen