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The Lobster's Shell
(Hummerens Skjold)
Published 2020



Foreign rights

RCW, Laurence Laluyaux, 

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UK, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Germany, France

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Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway


The Lobster's Shell

The three Gabel siblings lead very different lives: Ea has moved to San Francisco, where she lives with the photographer Hector and his daughter Coco; Sidsel is a single mother to a girl, Laura, and works as a museum curator in Copenhagen; Niels, their wilful little brother, lives precariously, sticking up posters around town and without any permanent place to stay. Their differences have driven them apart, but in the space of five days in April they must confront their relationship and a shared history: Sidsel asks Niels for a favour that challenges his chosen loneliness and Ea gets in touch from the United States. Hoping to make contact with their mother, Ea visits the clairvoyant Bee Wallens, as a nagging question haunts her. 
The Lobster's Shell is a tale of family mythology. About failing and caring, broken connections and the connections that exceed expectations, abilities – even life itself. 


About the author 

Caroline Albertine Minor was born in Copenhagen where she lives with her husband and son. She graduated from The Danish Writer’s Academy in 2012 and debuted a year later with the novel Pura vida (2013). Minor was nominated for the prestigious Nordic Council Literature Prize for her collection of short stories Velsingelser [Blessings] (2017), which won the P.O Enquist Prize 2018, as well as the Danish Writers’ Association Prize, the Michael Strunge Prize 2017 and the Special Award of the Danish Arts Foundation. She was also awarded a three year working grant by the Danish Arts Foundation, and is in the process of completing her Master’s Degree in anthropology. The Lobster's Shell was published by Gutkind Forlag in August 2020.

Text translated by Denise Rose Hansen