Photo: Frida Gregersen, cover: Thomas Joakim Winther


Published 2021, 90 pages



Foreign rights:

Gyldendal Group Agency

Lise Broen Rosenberg Dahm,

Previous titles sold to:

Sweden, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia, Spain, US, Croatia, Georgia, Greece, Netherlands, France



He lives alone in an allotment, hasn’t kissed a man in three years and only comes with his own hand. He walks his dog, reads H. C. Andersen and dreams about becoming a mermaid. One day he births a queen from his arsehole, coughs up a princess on his pillowcase, and develops a fever that will either finish him off or absolve him.

Infatuated is a collection of poems about being alone, about not being touched by human hands and about discovering other forms of intimacy, desire and corporeality rather than sexuality. In Infatuated Bjørn Rasmussen dissolves the membrane between dream and reality and allows this to become the most powerful affair.

With illustrations by Rikke Villadsen.

About the author 

Bjørn Rasmussen, born 1983, is a graduate of the Danish National School of Performing Arts and the Danish Academy of Creative Writing. His first novel The Skin is the Electric Covering that Encases the Entire Body, winner of the European Union Prize for Literature, came out in 2011. 

Infatuated is Bjørn Rasmussen’s second poetry collection.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes