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The Moon Over The island
(Månen Over Øen)
Published 2020, 165 pages


Lindhardt og Ringhof

Foreign rights

Lindhardt og Ringhof, att. Rikke Kühn Riegels, 

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Bulgaria, Germany, Sweden, Russia, The Czech Republic


The Moon Over The island

Welcome to the democracy Superesse year 2687 post Luna: Superesse’s flickering stimuli transcend and weave together all existence – to such a degree that Superesse’s citizens have to take sedatives to dull their senses and dependence, a rare moment offline. Except for Hypatia, who, thanks to a special gene, does not need the constant rush of simultaneous virtual world(s).
But which world is the real one? And how can we experience, let alone talk of a real world at all?  These are the questions that confront Hypatia when she leaves Superesse and travels to an island. Here the greatest questions of the history of philosophy haunt her. But regardless of how astute Hypatia’s answers to these questions may be, there is one question she cannot answer: how did she allow the bond with her daughter to break?


About the author 

Anne-Marie Vedsø-Olesen (born 1962) made her debut in 2000 with the prize-winning historical novel set in The Middle Ages, Solernos sol [Solerno’s sun]. Vedsøe-Olsesen has shown great literary versatility in a range of works across genre boundaries; in addition to a series of critically acclaimed historical novels her horror novel Lucie was awarded Best Danish Horror in 2019. 

Text translated by Denise Rose Hansen