Photo: Les Kaner


The Wind Gate
(Vindens Port)
Published 2021, 448 pages


Lindhardt & Ringhof

Foreign rights:

Copenhagen Literary Agency, 

Previous sold to:

France, Greece, Iceland, India, Norway, Sweden


The Wind Gate

The Wind Gate by Anne-Cathrine Riebnitzsky is a thrilling historical novel about the fate of a Muslim fortress in the 14th century — a tale filled with romance, power struggles and perilous religious wars.

The ruler of the Moorish fortress city of Al-Qalat Banu Said, devout Muslim Ibrahim Banu Said, attempts to protect his people from the onslaught of overwhelming Christian forces threatening to destroy their mountain fortress home and evict them from Spain itself, through a lengthy siege, bombardments of their iconic towers and more devious strategies that erode their solidarity from within.

About the author 

Anne-Cathrine Riebnitzsky (b. 1974) is a versatile and bestselling author, who has won both the Book Forum Debutant Prize and the prestigious Golden Laurels. Riebnitzsky’s earlier works drew from her considerable knowledge of international affairs and the military. Her wealth of international experience, including having lived around the location in Spain where The Wind Gate is set, contribute to her ability to breathe life into a story from a time period that readers often know little about.