Children & Young Adults

Photo: Simon Klein Knudsen


Published 2020, 176 pages


Gads Forlag

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Gads Forlag, Rikke Detlevsen,

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Children & Young Adults


"Volcano" is a love story.

But people express love in many ways. For Anna’s parents it means that Anna and her mother wind up in a crisis centre and have to move to a new city.

For Chili, Anna’s friend, her boyfriend Oscar means everything, but the question is whether Chili means everything to Oscar. And for Anna herself it’s meeting Idris that becomes something very special. But finding one’s own way in love is tricky when you’re entangled in everyone else’s love lives.

Anna wants a fresh start, but it’s hard to start chapter two when, in some ways, chapter one never ends.

About the author

Zakiya Ajmi (b. 1992) writes for children and young adults. She has produced children’s radio programming with DR’s Talent Team and theater with Grow—the Grobs Theater course for adolescent playwrights. She was enrolled in the last cohort of the Danish Academy of Writing for Children’s Literature.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes