Children & Young Adults

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At Night I Never Lie
(Om natten lyver jeg aldrig)
Published 2020, 232 pages


Forlaget Carlsen

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Babel Bridge, Tine Nielsen,

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Children & Young Adults

At Night I Never Lie

Yosef has just dropped out of gymnasium. He restlessly wanders around the apartment blocks and works as a personal trainer at a fitness centre. His father has big dreams for his son. Dreams that Yosef can never really live up to. When his father gets a chance at a new job, his father, mother and sister set about projecting the image of the picture-perfect family. But Yosef has a secret that could make the whole facade crumble: Every night he lives another life outside his family’s rules and restrictions. As time passes and expectations rise, Yosef’s desire to be free grows. He doesn’t want to lie anymore. Either to himself or to his family. But there are eyes everywhere and before Yosef is ready to be honest about who he is, something happens that changes everything.

About the author

Tomas Lagermand Lundme (b. 1973) made his debut in 1998 and has since written a long list of books for children, young adults and adults as well as plays, radio dramas, docu-dramas, film shorts and television series. He’s also a visual artist and was previously a radio host.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes