Children & Young Adults

Photo: Thomas A. Illustrations: Jon Skræntskov.


The Bubblegum Lady
Published 2021, 112 pages



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Tine Nielsen, 

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Thomas Korsgaard has been sold to Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria, Serbia, Makedonia

Children & Young Adults

The Bubblegum Lady

Six tragicomic twists of fate guaranteed to put a smile on your lips and inspire a trip to the corner shop for bubblegum!

Welcome to The Bubblegum Lady and Other Stories where you can hear about Lene Knudsen who is imprisoned in a huge wad of bubblegum, a boy who kidnaps his grandfather, a girl who has the world’s worst Christmas Eve because there are suddenly two Santa Clauses in her living room, the girl in the countryside who never should have wished for a neighbor, seven-year-old Jean Claude, the world’s youngest director and a leaf that doesn’t dare let go.

About the authors

Frida Brygmann is a popular singer, actor, and screenwriter, and Thomas Korsgaard, the 2022 winner of the Golden Laurel, is the author of, among other works, The Trilogy of Tue (Trilogien om Tue). Their creative partnership also produced the critically acclaimed children’s book Mini-mouth (Minimund). In addition to being good friends, Thomas Korsgaard and Frida Brygmann share a love of the tragicomic. The Bubblegum Lady and Other Stories is illustrated by Jon Skræntskov.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes