Children & Young Adults

Photo: Simon Klein-Knudsen


Sally’s Dad is Far Out
(Sallys far er langt ude i skoven)
Published 2019, 36 pages



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Babel-Bridge Literary Agency
Tine Nielsen,

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Poland (Juka 91)

Children & Young Adults

Sally’s Dad is Far Out

The Sally’s Dad series has become a modern classic in Danish homes because it is fun to read out loud – both for parents and their children aged 4 - 7. This time Sally’s dad is out and about in nature – fresh air, the wind in his hair, soil under his feet. But not everything goes as planned: Sally’s dad cannot name the animals in the forest, he cannot get the fire going, and he has a very hard time putting up the tent – making everyone all the happier when the trip is over, cuddled on the sofa at home with their iPads.


About the author and illustrator

Thomas Brunstrøm (b. 1977) is an author, freelance journalist, film critic and podcast host – and real-life dad to a Sally and Eddie.

Thorbjørn Christoffersen (b. 1978) is an illustrator, film director and animator. He worked as the character director on the films Ternet Ninja (Checkered Ninja) and the popular Danish animation film Terkel i knibe (Terkel in Trouble).

Text translated by Lin Falk van Rooyen